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Jan 31 - krasi0 -  
I've changed the mail function from "mail" to "sendmail". Let's hope, that this one works with the current hosting.
Feb 12 - albertouri -  
I still don't get the email notifications :unsure:
Feb 14 - krasi0 -  
Bummer! There is probably the need for some hosting specific send mail configuration. Bajadulce should have a look at it, I guess.
Feb 16 - UndeadStar -  
Is this forum still active? If not, do you know if active members may have moved to another english speaking forum?
Feb 18 - Myk -  
If nobody were ever active, how might that question ever get answered?
Feb 18 - Myk -  
As for the answer, it depends n what you want out of a forum. If you just want activity, it's a low but steady stream, mostly from the BWAPI side of the forum. Generally, the SC modding scene isn't exactly what I would call bristling with activity on any forum.
Feb 19 - UndeadStar -  
I guess my dream of "I had this idea, but somebody else probably had it before, so how do you do it?" will remain a dream :p
Feb 24 - Myk -  
It takes a lot of work to be lazy. :)
Feb 25 - UndeadStar -  
Tried to identify an unknown variable for GPTP, but the number of times you click an unit (to the point of making a critter explode) is stored outside the units T_T
Mar 01 - Myk -  
global variable somewhere? also, those videos in krasi0's thread are awesome.