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Nov 07 - Taranok -  
That map is so retro..... but somehow so iconic
Nov 13 - Myk -  
I can't help but admire the Raynor scripts for being succinct and deadly. These later scripts are deadly too, but the code bloat that gets poured in to get there is a little scary.
Nov 14 - krasi0 -  
Maybe if you manage to clean up the code bloat a bit, that would create new opportunities for future developers to step in and improve on top of the Racine scripts? They are really amazing! I've played so many 1v1 games VS them in the past.
Nov 14 - Myk -  
Have you tried any games against Ahzz's scripts? While I think Racine Protoss is awesome, I think the Zerg and Terran aren't quite on the same level, but Ahzz's T and Z scripts are quite powerful and maybe even on the verge of being too extreme for the pro format.
Nov 17 - bajadulce -  
Myk, krasi0, poiuy -- please please let me know if you need access to the server/site/admin etc. Am worried you guys don't have the access you need to keep the site going or make changes you want or need.
Nov 17 - bajadulce -  
Looks like Myk, krasi0, and poiuy should have full access to the admin cp (founders). I'll try to round up server info and send to you 3 as well here soon.
Nov 17 - krasi0 -  
Thanks, baja! BTW, when is the next hosting / DNS name payment due? I could help there.
Nov 18 - Taranok -  
Man I haven't played so many of the "pro" scripts, I'm afraid my mechanics aren't quite up to par to compete quite yet ;P
Nov 20 - Myk -  
Wow. The first spam bot in a long time!
Nov 21 - krasi0 -  
I usually ban 2-3 spam bots per month on average. I have got no clue how they manage to register...