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Dec 14 - krasi0 -  
IIRC, at first we had manual admin approval for every registration, but it was overwhelming. Too many bot registration attempts resulting in flooding the admin's mailbox...
Dec 14 - krasi0 -  
I believe, it will be best if it's somehow automated. The security question used to do a good job for a long time, but obviously a human user has hardcoded it inside the spam bot repertoire, so might just think of another security question. Another option integrating: Google's NO-Captcha ( ... ptcha.html )
Dec 14 - krasi0 -  
OK, updated the secret question to win some time. Also cleaned up a few spambot accounts.
Dec 14 - Myk -  
Thanks for getting it back online, baja. I think our question based sign-up process works pretty good except that we let it go for long enough that someone hardcodes the answer into their spam setup.
Dec 21 - krasi0 -  
Someone has reported a trojan dectected by a anti-virus in BWAI 1.3 (the Racine scripts). Any clues?
Dec 22 - Myk -  
I ran clamwin over it and didn't pick up anything. That file (RRebels.exe) doesn't seem to have been modified at all in the last year. It's going to be hard to not get false positives from software that manipules memory like that one does. Any more info?
Dec 22 - krasi0 -  
Not for now. He said, that he would try without an antivirus in order to monitor for any suspicious activity.
Dec 26 - Myk -  
I wonder if any of the BWAPI guys look at aiscript and envy our DSL with gotos for control flow.
Dec 26 - Myk -  
merry christmas,!
Dec 28 - Myk -  
lol. I kept thinking about how we sometimes write "" and looked it up -- The Leading B Wai Site on the Net!