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Nov 14 - Myk -  
Have you tried any games against Ahzz's scripts? While I think Racine Protoss is awesome, I think the Zerg and Terran aren't quite on the same level, but Ahzz's T and Z scripts are quite powerful and maybe even on the verge of being too extreme for the pro format.
Nov 17 - bajadulce -  
Myk, krasi0, poiuy -- please please let me know if you need access to the server/site/admin etc. Am worried you guys don't have the access you need to keep the site going or make changes you want or need.
Nov 17 - bajadulce -  
Looks like Myk, krasi0, and poiuy should have full access to the admin cp (founders). I'll try to round up server info and send to you 3 as well here soon.
Nov 17 - krasi0 -  
Thanks, baja! BTW, when is the next hosting / DNS name payment due? I could help there.
Nov 18 - Taranok -  
Man I haven't played so many of the "pro" scripts, I'm afraid my mechanics aren't quite up to par to compete quite yet ;P
Nov 20 - Myk -  
Wow. The first spam bot in a long time!
Nov 21 - krasi0 -  
I usually ban 2-3 spam bots per month on average. I have got no clue how they manage to register...
Nov 24 - Taranok -  
Hm I ran Racine Z v1 and it didn't work. On the other hand I was able to beat Racine Z v2 and Racine P v1 :)
Nov 24 - Myk -  
Racine Z v1 works just fine; read the script. I guess we could decide to remove such a feature from the launcher?
Nov 24 - Taranok -  
Yeah I kinda wanna remove all this v1 stuff that just clutters the screen with unimportant info