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Apr 06 - krasi0 -  
BTW, please enter the #BWAPI IRC channel. It will be easier to negotiate the information :)
Apr 07 - Myk -  
Has anyone made The Balance Tool with a fancy GUI yet? The GUI itself can be simple: a single button "Balance", would suffice. I'll leave the implementation up to someone else.
Apr 09 - Tawis-karong -  
Is it possible to run BWAILauncher in window mode? Or Entropy.exe?
Apr 09 - poiuy_qwert -  
Tawis-karong: for BWAILauncher check out viewtopic.php?f=5&t=647&p=9564#p9564
Apr 10 - Tawis-karong -  
poiuy_qwert: MAN, i LOVE YOU :D
Apr 11 - poiuy_qwert -  
lol np
Apr 14 - Myk -  
Would it be too weird to include my own package folder in the BWAI Launcher?
Apr 15 - Archon_Wing -  
I doubt anyone cares at this point
Apr 16 - Taranok -  
woah whats the new package?
Apr 17 - poiuy_qwert -  
I think in your case it would be weird because it wouldn't work without the mod. I've replied to your thread with my suggestion