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Oct 08 - Taranok -  
Archon_Wing decided that it was not stable enough for entropy. This is partly true, since it would kind of screw up once there were several AIs in the same game
Oct 08 - Taranok -  
I'm not sure what the problem is, since honestly did my coding differently from everyone else, and probably made some unreliable structures along the way
Oct 08 - Taranok -  
i might install SC:BW again and do some coding again, although it takes a while to figure out stuff and school has started
Oct 09 - krasi0 -  
Yeah, you've already put a lot of effort into The Taranok AI, so I believe it's worth it to investigate the nature of the "screw up" issue and fix it so that it finds its way into Entropy again. :thumbs:
Oct 12 - Archon_Wing -  
Personally I think it's Starcraft's ancient code @ fault
Oct 12 - Archon_Wing -  
Like my latest AI version would lose in replays that it won before... even though the code I changed isn't related to that matchup at all! It's just that the unit positioning is different or the AI expands elsewhere and thus fails
Oct 12 - Archon_Wing -  
The difference between the best AIs is often so tiny that it often comes down to RNG. You can often cause certain ais to win or lose by adding random wait(1) commanders
Oct 14 - krasi0 -  
Good point. Chance really plays a role. Which reminds me to ask whether you know of a way to fix Broodwar's RNG (fixing the random seed at the beginning of a match), so that I can replay exactly the same game every time. I have opened a BWAPI request to Heinermann, but he has not really been around lately.
Oct 20 - poiuy_qwert -  
i thought the save game does save the rng seed its just other factors get it out of sync
Oct 21 - krasi0 -  
Probably yes, but I am asking aside from saving games, etc. Just to be able to start a new game (from the beginning) multiple times with the same RNG.